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Nina Heikkila

Intuitive Spiritual Success & Abundance Coach

Certified Law of  Attraction Practitioner

Inspirational Speaker

Author of “Leaving the Matrix – Claim Your Power & Transform Your Life”

Co-author of #1 International Best-Seller “Step Into Your Brilliance”

Spiritual Teacher

Energy Reader/Healer

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Nina Heikkila works on a spiritual level; teaching women how to work with their intuition, and in harmony with the Universal laws. She also helps them discover their passion and purpose, so they can achieve their highest potential in life.  Her coaching practice includes client readings, energy healing, and consciousness shifting for personal empowerment.


“Nina Heikkila is passionate about helping people unlock their full potential.

She has a gentle and yet motivating style of coaching — which in my experience is very rare.

I would highly recommend Nina as a coach. She inspires you to become the creator of your life, and reminds you that it is your divine right to have an abundant and meaningful life.”


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Company name:  Living in Abundance


E-mail:   [email protected]   [email protected]

Phone number:   (403) 975-1861


Nina is a passionate speaker who speaks from the heart, inspiring her audience to pursue their dreams and to consciously create the life they truly desire. Nina is known for her authenticity and her ability to translate various principles derived from: spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics, and ancient texts, into a meaningful way of life.


Nina has been teaching and inspiring others through speaking at numerous workshops, retreats, the Holistic Chambers of Commerce, and other small and large groups across North America.



  1. How to Turn Loss into an Opportunity to Shine

The loss of a job or relationship can be devastating, but it can also be an opportunity to find more fulfillment in

life, step into our greatness, and shine our light.

  1. The Importance of Authenticity

True fulfillment and happiness are achieved when you live a life that is aligned with the answers to these following

questions: Who am I? What do I value? & What makes my heart sing?

  1. How to Find True Happiness and Fulfillment in Life.

Pursuing our passion and aligning with our purpose is the key to a successful life, as gives us the strength to keep

moving forward on our path, regardless of the beliefs or the opinions of others.

*Each Keynote and Workshop session can be customized to match your audience.


If you are looking for a dynamic, engaging speaker to inspire your audience, then Nina is the perfect speaker for your event.  She specializes in helping her audience engage, learn, and take action; moving them closer to their goals and dreams.”


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