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My name is Nina Heikkila and this book describes my own magical journey using the Law of Attraction. I successfully transformed my life—from living in fear and feeling helpless, to experiencing a spiritual awakening and abundance.

The Matrix is responsible for our belief systems and controls our perception of reality. What we have been taught determines our beliefs and behaviors. We are consciously and subconsciously controlled by the limitations that stop us from realizing our true potential.

Ultimately, I knew the only way to achieve my goals was by breaking through the self-imposed limitations that had always halted my success. This led me to experimenting with several methods in order to overcome the obstacles that kept me from manifesting what I wanted. I struggled with painful memories and my inner critic, but I finally replaced the old paradigms with empowering beliefs. From that point on, I experienced magic and miracles, and I transformed a life of anxiety and frustration to one of happiness and fulfillment.

We may suddenly get a wake-up call and start to question these rules, and that is when magical things can happen. Great thinkers, physicists and artists could not have created their masterpieces if they had not broken out of old paradigms.

Most of us decide to take action after we experience trauma or a disaster in our lives. In my case, I was tired of being defined by my past; I was sick of conforming to the rules of the game. After becoming aware of my connection to the Universe, I realized that I always had the power to change my life.

My intention for writing this book was to make people aware that the Matrix does exist, and to help them change their perception of reality, and open up to the infinite possibilities that exist in each moment.

The Law of Attraction process described in this book combines manifesting techniques from various origins that I compiled through my extensive research: ancient eastern cultures, metaphysical, spiritual, to quantum physics. The ones that gave me amazing results; like winning contests, attracting money, and manifesting a successful and fulfilling career.

Throughout the book, you will be introduced to spiritual teachings and scientific research that support the belief that we are co-creating our reality with the Universe.

Working with the Law of Attraction means surrendering your plans and moving outside your comfort zone. It is a journey into the unknown. But once you choose to embark on this journey, the Universe will guide you down the yellow brick road, to your most abundant life!