How To Achieve Your Highest Potential & Manifest Everything You Desire

 How to Achieve Your Highest Potential & Manifest Everything You Desire

    There is no better time to take control of your destiny than right now. You are a spiritual being with infinite potential. Thousands of years ago, ancient teachers revealed the secret; that we have the ability to create our reality. 

   Commit to Your Goals

   In the past, you may have focused on your goal, recited affirmations, raised your vibration, meditated, and given the Universe plenty of Divine Timing to deliver what you wanted.

But in the end, you never manifested any miracles, and your wish was never granted.

       Maybe you asked yourself,

           Why does it feel so hard to get what I want in life? 


   Maybe you listened to a motivational speaker, took back your power, walked on fire, and vowed to change your life for the better. You gained clarity about what you wanted, wrote down your goals, and planned to take action.

   But the following week, you lost motivation and went back to doing what you have always done. A month passes by and you still think about the possibility of manifesting your goal, but you feel so much resistance that it feels extremely uncomfortable even thinking about taking action.

   Maybe you then tell yourself, 

         The timing just isn’t right,


         Who am I kidding, I’ve haven’t been able to do before, so what’s the point….

   Manifesting can be incredibly easy and powerful, if you know how to do it.

   Thousands of years ago, ancient teachers and scribes wrote about our power to create our reality. But this knowledge was not taught to us by our parents and teachers.

   It’s not your fault.


   My Story

   I have experienced many challenges in life, like overcoming cancer, recovering from an anxiety attack, constantly hitting glass ceilings in my career, struggling to achieve my full potential, and severe depression.

   After a spiritual awakening, I realized that every lesson was part of my journey, and that everything had meaning. 

   In the end, I received the greatest gifts in life, which was understanding my power to create a life that I loved, and discovering my purpose in life.

   Because there was no golden ticket, that would magically allow me to manifest my desires, I developed my own program. Using this process, I removed my inner blocks, shifted my mindset, and developed my intuition.


   The Truth Is…

   If you are not consciously creating your life, by taking control of your thoughts and behavior, you are living by default.

   One of the most important and difficult things that you have to do first, is to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs. 

   I experimented with many techniques and practices in order to create a more empowering belief system. These same methods can also help you reprogram your old beliefs and patterns, and create a mindset that empowers you, and makes you feel limitless!

      You are a powerful spiritual being full of potential!

   Life is NOT about struggling to get what you want.

   You CAN overcome frustration, anxiety, and fear, and start taking steps towards your most abundant life!

   The Universal Law of Attraction

   I successfully transformed a life of frustration, anxiety, worry and fear to one of abundance, happiness and purpose. I found a way to make life work in my favour by creating an unstoppable mindset and rock solid Belief that the Universe is always conspiring in my favor. 

   After reading over 100 of books about the law of attraction, neurology, epigenetics, quantum physics, ancient eastern philosophy, and alchemy, I discovered that they all shared a common element; that we came into this life with the power to create our ideal life.

   The first step is to purify the mind and body by releasing old beliefs, and clear away anything blocking our ability to receive the guidance of the Universe.


   The simple science behind how this works is that everything is energy. 

    Physicists describe the Quantum Field as a field of energy containing infinite possibilities. We live in a participatory Universe, where how we perceive something determines how it is created into existence. 

   You are energy, and your thoughts are energy. So, when you set your intentions and visualize your goals in the highest vibrational state, that energy is sent into the Universe and reflected back to you.

   The bad news is that when we do not deliberately set our intentions, our life is created by default. This means that we keep repeating the same thoughts and behaviours from the past, and we keep getting the same results.

   Change can only happen when we decide to consciously create every moment of our lives. This means living in, what Eckhart Tolle refers to as, the NOW

   Where we are able to observe each negative thought as it comes in, and replace it with one that supports what we want to create, we take back our power.


The Power of NOW

   Most of my adult life, my mind was filled with thoughts about the past, and thoughts about what would happen in the future, but my mind was never fully focused on the current moment. 

   It is in the NOW that you have the greatest power over your life. 

   The first critical step is to accept that the past does not exist. Therefore, you cannot change it. 

If you cannot do this, you are allowing your old beliefs to write the script for your future.


The present moment is when your decisions and actions has the most impact on the future.

   This is because the future has not been created yet, and it is filled with infinite possibilities, 

   Therefore, we must pay close attention to our thoughts, so that we maintain control over which  road we will go down. 

   It’s up to you. 

   If you are not getting the results that you want to get, right now, you have the power to change the course of your life.

   How do you do this? 


   Changing Your Perception About Life

   Since we were born, we have learned from our own experiences, adopted other peoples’ beliefs, and accepted what authority figures have taught us about life.

   Ironically, we came into this life already equipped with the key to success: 

  • Follow your passion, 
  • Lead with your heart, 
  • And be open to all possibilities in life. *Which sometimes means surrendering your own roadmap to the Universe.


   As we grew up, most of those qualities were pushed aside, when we had to set aside childish things, such as daydreaming, living with a sense of curiosity, and following the path that made us feel good.

   We traded most of those qualities for what we were told would give us a secure future, a successful life, and the amount of money that it took to survive in the current economy.

  • Are you currently worried about competition for your business? 
  • Have you been struggling to reach the level of success that you envisioned for yourself? 
  • Do you find this life fulfilling and rewarding?

   “Relentlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress.” — Thomas A. Edison

   That’s where I was. 

   Asking myself why does life feel like a struggle to get what I want?

I knew I had the potential for greatness, but I was always working for someone else, and not getting paid what I knew I was worth. 

   When I looked for a better job, there was always something on the job description that I didn’t have. I felt like I was always missing something. I felt like I wasn’t good enough, or, maybe I just didn’t deserve to have it.

I spent a decade changing jobs, repeating the same patterns, trying to get a different outcome. 

   As Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem by coming at it from the same perspective that created it.”

   After the Universe did the necessary course correction and I was laid off, I vowed never to return to the same life. So, I had to look at my situation from a different perspective.

   It’s Time to Take Back Your Power!  

What I am going to share with you might make you think that I’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole,

but it is what I have learned to be true.

   “Know Thyself.” 

   Is written on the ancient oracle of Delphi in Greece.

Just like Neo in the movie the Matrix, you are limitless. For thousands of years, spiritual teachers have all said the same thing: You are an extension of the Universe. As you open your mind to the infinite possibilities around you, the Universe delivers opportunities that lead to your highest good. 

   As your self-awareness grows, you understand who you really are, and what you are capable of doing in this life. It is time for you to awaken your highest potential and live the life you desire!

   John Wheeler, a theoretical physicist, implied that we live in a “participatory” Universe that is constantly creating. Nothing can exist without another party, us, observing it first. 

Therefore, we are co-creating with the Universe; a realm of infinite possibilities, and we have the ability to create our ideal circumstances, just by focusing our thoughts and attention on it.

   As recent scientific discoveries catch up with what spiritual teachings have been expressing for thousands of years, more attention is placed on ancient scriptures and texts. The common belief contained in these documents is that all things are connected to the Universe. Ancient teachings also warn us that our beliefs can become our prison if we let them. 

   However, the key to freedom already lies within us; the power to change our beliefs and to take action.

   The secret to miraculous transformations in our lives, is acknowledging the “I AM,” the spark of God within us, and believing that we are divine beings with the power to create our own reality.

   “All that we are is a result of what we have thought”  –Budda


   Your Reality is a Reflection of Your Beliefs

   Imagine yourself surrounded by mirrors. Whatever you believe about yourself, and how you judge yourself, is reflected back to you.

If you believe that you lack the skills or talent to get a better job, or to receive a promotion, you emit the energy of unworthiness, and you attract less than what you want.

   If you are always giving generously to everyone else, but not treating yourself to love and self-care, you are sending out the message that you are not worthy of receiving the things that please you.


The Law of Correspondence tells us: “As within, So without.” 

   Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. Only by changing your beliefs about yourself can you affect what you experience in the outer world. If you have limiting beliefs around money, success or self-worth you will not be in alignment with what you’re trying to manifest because you won’t BELIEVE you can have it!

   That’s why identifying your subconscious limiting beliefs and transforming them is key to energetically aligning with your goal.


   Lastly, you need to clearly decide what you want and surrender your desires to the Universe. 

And you CANNOT be attached to the outcome. 

   Your attachment to your desire means that you NEED that thing to be happy, and because you are lacking it now, you cannot be happy. 

   And the way the Universe works is this: 

If you are always putting your attention on what you think you need, you will always lack it.

   What You Resist, Persists.

   When I look back at my previous (failed) attempts to manifest what l wanted – it is very clear to me why it did not happen.

   I was living from such a place of lack and scarcity, thinking I will be happy when I have that…I was so DEEPLY attached to having it, that I was consistently telling the Universe I don’t have that. 

   *By the Law of Attraction, what you continuously focus on, you attract.

So, the vibration that I emitted ended up being translated as, 

                     “I like not having that, so give me more lack in my life.”

   If this sounds familiar, you need to shift your focus in order to be in vibrational alignment with what you want to manifest.

   In other words, you need to find and appreciate the abundance that already exists in your life, and change your vibration to: 

                            “I am now living a life filled with joy, wealth, and abundance.

    Translation: “Please Universe, deliver more of what makes me feel happy,                                        prosperous, and fulfilled..”


   Now is the time to release any negative experiences from your past. You can’t change the past, it doesn’t exist. You control what is happening NOW. 

   When you stop reacting to what is going on around you, you become the Creator of your reality. Your environment doesn’t influence you anymore, and you are free from competition and economic conditions.

   Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings. When you think about a happy time in your life, you can transform your negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones, therefore attracting more positive things into your life. 

   In turn, experiencing positive events elevates your mood and those vibrations start attracting even more good things to you.

   Experiencing the pain and disappointment from past events, and learning the lessons that they taught me, made me who I am today, I also became equipped to help others create the life that they desire.


   You don’t have to have a near death experience, or any kind of life-changing event, to free yourself from a prison constructed from your beliefs. 

   You can start leaving the “Matrix” right now, just by believing in yourself, following your inner guidance, and trusting that a higher power is always working in your favor.

   At some point, the Universe will send an opportunity that calls out to you, and your job is to stand up and say,

   “Yes! This is my time and I AM ready!


 What Stops Us From Following Our Passion

   One day, you may get a sense that something is wrong, and that you have lost your way.

  • How strong is your fear of change? 
  • How strong is your fear of the unknown? 
  • How strong is your fear of what other people think?

Now ask yourself this question, and give your most honest answer:


   Passion Creates the Motivation That is Required for Your SUCCESS

When you consistently focus on your “WHY,” something that is genuinely important to you, you will transcend obstacles and find a way to achieve your goals. 

   Believe That It Will Happen

   Belief is the most powerful manifesting tool you have. Every physical thing created began with a single idea, a creative thought. Without belief, nothing could ever be manifested.

   To truly BELIEVE that your dreams will come to life. Your Desire for your goal and your Faith in yourself must be stronger than your FEAR of failure. 

   By radiating love for yourself and your goals, and believing that your manifestation will be created, your fear and worries will disappear.


   When You Take Back Your Power, You Can Transform Your Life

   You come into your real power when:

  • You choose to do something different than what you have done before.
  • You make changing your life your highest priority and put laser focus on your goal.
  • You take control of your thoughts and beliefs, and overcome any fear of what “could” (fear based prediction) happen in the future. 

   Things To Do Now:

  1. Allow yourself to dream BIG, and to set that BIG goal for yourself!
  2. When FEAR comes rushing in, acknowledge that it is only your subconscious mind trying to keep you “Safe.”
  3. Be open to receiving and following the signs and synchronicity from the Universe.
  4. Take action right away — when you are inspired, or nudged to go do something 


   I was inspired to share this knowledge with you, so that you could leave the Matrix, step you’re your greatness, and become who you were meant to be. Limitless!


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