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About Me

My Why

If you’ve read my book, “Leaving the Matrix”, you would know that I spent years struggling with depression and a deep longing for a more meaningful life. I spent years trying to find what was missing and trying to fill in the gap with material things. Eventually, it didn’t matter how many shoes or purses I owned, they couldn’t alleviate the pain from what was missing in my life.
This led to my own personal quest, to manifest a life filled with happiness, passion, fulfillment, and abundance. Because I was desperate to overcome the hopeless state that I was in, I dedicated myself to learning different methods and techniques; in order to find the golden ticket that would change my life for the better.
After three months, I manifested money, prizes, and a job working in the film industry. My prayers had been answered and I had a new outlook on life. I was so grateful for the miracle sent by the Universe, that I decided to pay it forward by helping others change their lives for the better, just as I had.

My Values

I teach my clients the same practices and methods that I used to accelerate the manifesting process, and how to work with their intuition in order to achieve their highest potential.
But this isn’t just about manifesting money and material things, this is about manifesting success at a deeper level; by finding your passion, and the sense of fulfillment from discovering your purpose in life. I am truly grateful that I get to experience this feeling everyday.
Today, I am living out my purpose while inspiring and helping others transform their lives. There is no greater fulfillment than teaching others how to create magic and miracles in their life.

My Vision

I intend to support those willing to challenge the beliefs that have been holding them back from their greatness. Doing so, will create a ripple effect in the web of old paradigms that no longer serve us, and are stopping us from living our best life. As more people begin to follow their hearts and live their passion, others will follow, creating a new way of living, where everyone can experience life as an enjoyable journey, filled with joy and abundance!
My vision is a world where people feel free to be who they are, and where everyone contributes their own unique skills and abilities and supports one another. A world filled with enough abundance for everyone; and where scarcity and lack cease to exist.
When you fully Master the Universal Laws and how to tap into the guidance from your intuition. you enter the “flow” of life.
My primary motivation as a Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Author is to inspire everyone to start living their best life NOW. It is my sincere wish to show you how limitless you truly are.


Nina  xxx

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