The Importance of Living a Meaningful and Passionate Life

The Importance of Living a Meaningful and Passionate Life

When we least expect it, Life can throw us a curve ball. The sudden loss of a job can be devastating, but it is also an opportunity to step into your greatness, shine your light, and to start living your life on purpose.

A few years ago, I could have written a long list of the reasons preventing me from quitting my job and pursuing my dreams, like losing a stable paycheck and criticism from others.
Sitting in my office one day, I found myself struggling to breathe. I was having an anxiety attack. As tears ran down my face, I asked myself how I had ended up sacrificing my passion for a paycheck, and feeling so defeated by life. At that moment, I heard a voice inside me say, That’s enough, it’s time to leave!  But my mind was suddenly flooded with questions like: how was I going to pay my bills, and support my family?

And that’s when I chose not to listen to my inner wisdom, telling me I was meant to do something greater with my life. And two months later, I was laid off.
When the Universe shook up my reality, I knew it was an opportunity to change the course of my life, and there was no better time to ask:
What have I got to lose?

My battle with childhood leukemia changed my life. Instead of a carefree childhood, my days alternated between going to school and long stays in the hospital. When I went to school, I was often teased because I had lost my hair. I grew older, but my low levels of confidence and self-esteem left me drifting further away from my childhood dreams. For ten years, I ended up changing jobs, going around in circles, and feeling ‘stuck’.
After doing some soul searching, I came to the point where I asked the Universe, Why am I here?
It was then that I realized that everything I had been through WAS meaningful and significant! Starting from an early age, I had faced challenges and overcome them. After that, I made a vow to live a life that had meaning and purpose.

   The Life You Were Meant to Live

If you have heard your inner voice telling you that you are not living up to your potential, and you are meant to do something more meaningful, then it is time to step into your greatness.

Is there something in your childhood that you have always regretted giving up? What is stopping you from authentically being who you came into this lifetime to be?
Playing small limits your true potential and stops you from sharing your unique gifts with the world, At some point on our journey, we choose to change the way that we have been doing things. As our awareness increases, we desire to live a more meaningful life, and we realize how living in fear has limited our experiences in the past. From that point on, we stop making choices out of fear, and decide to make them out of love instead.

The thought of switching careers brought about the fear that I didn’t have the right qualifications for a position in another field. I felt unworthy, and that I was too old to change careers. These judgments hadn’t come from anyone else, but I allowed myself to believe them.
The fear of trying something different and failing limited my perspective of the situation and the opportunities available to me. I kept trying to reinvent the wheel by pursuing the same types of jobs and expecting a different outcome. Finally, the Universe had no other option than a great big upheaval of my life.
What drove me forward was the fear of going back to doing what I had done in the past, which was far greater than the fear of taking action.
When I lost my job, it was a pivotal moment, I chose to forge a different path, to beat the odds, and to create the life that I wanted.

After faithfully reciting affirmations, meditating, and stating my goals for 8 weeks, I experienced a shift in my mindset. I had started to believe that I could achieve anything that I wanted. And after 3 months, I manifested my ideal job, working in the film industry as a Set Designer.

One of the tell-tale signs that, somewhere along the way, we stopped paying attention to our desires can be described as feeling “lost,” due to a lack of clarity about what we should be doing and which direction we’re supposed to go. Other clues are:

• Your choices are driven by fear, and you constantly worry about
the future.
• Knowing you have unlimited potential waiting to be unleashed,
but you never get the opportunity to do so.
• You appear to others as the definition of success, but deep inside, you feel
there is something missing.

When you live on purpose, you live life on a deeper and more meaningful level. Your passion ignites, your goals in life become clear, and your inner guidance begins directing you, telling you what actions you must take next.

   The Power of Purpose
What has stopped your from pursuing your goals in the past?
Throughout history, every person that changed how things were done was faced with numerous obstacles and challenges. At some point, they all asked themselves:

• How strong is my fear of the unknown?
• Am I worried about being judged?
• Do I have a fear of failure?
How strong is my fear of things staying the way they are today?

   What has been stopping you from pursuing your goals and changing your destiny?

If you allow it to, FEAR will stop you from pursuing your dreams and living a life filled with joy, abundance, and purpose.
It’s your burning Desire and your relentless Determination that will motivate you to do whatever it takes to realize your dreams. And your passion will create the momentum that is required to overcome obstacles along the way. Have Faith in your limitless potential and your ability to achieve your goals.

   Becoming Who You Were Meant to Be
The Universe has a way of guiding you back to your highest path when your parents, teachers, or society, may have led you astray.
Ignoring the signs from the Universe, telling you to change your course, will keep you repeating the same patterns, eventually followed by a breakdown, a breakthrough, and a spiritual awakening. Think of a true awakening as a spark that ignites your passion, inspiring you to follow your heart, and pursue your dreams and goals.

   Your Inner Voice
We are often led to believe that personal fulfillment and success are achieved by owning luxury cars, large homes, and our annual income. But even after we obtain these things, we may feel unfulfilled, and wonder what is missing from our lives.

Your highest path is an inner “knowing,” not a road map. When we begin the process of self-discovery and find out what gives us pleasure, sparks our passion, and fills us with joy, we find the missing piece to the puzzle and finally uncover what we are meant to do in life and a strong sense of our mission.

   Living in the Flow
You may have experienced a magical time where everything that you wanted and needed just seemed to show up in your life at the perfect moment.
This is the mystical state of flow, which the Taoist refer to as an effortless life, living in harmony with the Universe.

We come into this lifetime with an internal compass, which spiritual teachers refer to as intuition. The ideas and nudges that we experience point us in the right direction and inspire us to take the necessary actions that lead to achieving our goals.
Getting into the ‘Flow’ means releasing all fear and doubt and allowing a higher power to take over, trusting that the Universe will always deliver what you really want in life.

“Let yourself be silently drawn

by the strange pull of what you really love.

It will not lead you astray.” ― Rumi

   In any situation, we have the power to choose our thoughts and actions. Accepting responsibility for all aspects of our lives is not an easy thing to do, but it is a necessary step in our growth and development. The paths we chose to take were the ones that were required to learn our biggest lessons.

    We are always under so much pressure to be perfect, but there are no mistakes in this life. If you took a risk and you didn’t achieve what you wanted, give yourself some credit; it takes courage to reach for the brass ring.


   Who You Really Are

Your purpose in life is to align with your Desires, to consistently take steps towards your Goals, and to Believe that everything will all work out for the best.
Over the course of our lives, our internal stories placed a ceiling on our success & happiness.

But the truth is that we are spiritual beings with unlimited potential, and deep within us, lies our unique brilliance, waiting to express itself and shine out in to the world.
You don’t have to have a near death experience, or any kind of life-changing event, to start changing your life.

At some point, the Universe will send an opportunity that calls out to you. Your job is to stand up and say, “Yes!”

Every day, my faith in myself, and my belief in the invisible force called the Universe, help me overcome the fear of taking action. In the past 3 years, I have accomplished goals the old me never could have imagined for myself. I have also become more comfortable when facing uncertainty, knowing that every moment holds infinite possibilities. I trust that whatever comes up is exactly what is needed to get me to where I want to go. I have all the tools I need to overcome challenges along the way.

When you surrender your fears, pursue your passion, and stay open to the opportunities that appear to you in the present moment, magic happens. Serendipity lights the way, and the path that leads to everything you want unfolds before you.

So relax and enjoy your adventure in Wonderland, a world filled with infinite possibilities.


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