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Nina Heikkila

Intuitive Spiritual Success & Abundance Coach

Certified Law of  Attraction Coach

Inspirational Speaker

Author of “Leaving the Matrix – Claim Your Power & Transform Your Life”

Co-author of #1 International Best-Seller “Step Into Your Brilliance”

Spiritual Teacher

Energy Reader/Healer


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You have found my page because that which you are seeking is also seeking you…


                                            Are you ready to live

                                              in the Flow of life?


This the time to say “YES!” to your most abundant life.

I invite you to imagine a world where having everything you desire is easy

& you no longer struggle to achieve your goals.


I am here to remind you that you already hold the key to real transformation.

You are a Divine being with unlimited potential that is waiting to be expressed into the world.

I encourage you to open your mind up to the infinite possibilities that already exist around you.


As the Creator of my Spiritual Success & Transformation Program, I  teach my clients how to successfully manifest their greatest desires by discovering their passion, tapping into their greatness, and fulfilling their soul’s purpose.

I’m passionate about supporting women who are ready to step into their power and create a life of meaning and purpose.

I am gifted with my laser sharp intuition and I have a vast knowledge of holistic health, spiritual psychology, human behavior, healing modalities, plus 15 years of spiritual l study and practice.


After experiencing MAGIC and MIRACLES in my life and manifesting my Big Goals, I was inspired to teach others how to create their ideal life. I chose to honor the calling to become a teacher of spiritual knowledge and metaphysics, guiding others down the path of spiritual and personal transformation.

Are You Ready to Embrace Your Power

& Create Your Ideal Life?

  • Do you want to re-ignite your passion for life?

  • Awaken your ability to create the life you desire?

  • Take control of your destiny?

  • Become who you were meant to be

    & Finally, live the life you were always meant to live…

Teresa Nichols

I am so glad I discovered Nina’s program and all she has to offer.
Each of the sessions that I have attended have given me valuable knowledge

and has helped me grow spiritually and mentally.
If you haven’t read Nina’s book, “Leaving the Matrix- Claim Your Power

& Transform Your Life”, you must!

It’s a game changer!

I’ve had some great and exciting changes in my life, mainly with manifesting my new career path!
It’s true! We really can claim our power and transform our life.
Thank you Nina!

Teresa Nichols

Donna Gee

I have had the pleasure of working with Nina for the past several months. I appreciate her compassion for people and her desire to change the world into a better place.

She has made a profound impact in my life by teaching me how to find the light in the darkness and reminding me that we all have the ability to be the force in the world that God needs us to be.
Thank you, Nina, for working with me to provide the right perspective and the tools to help me navigate through a very stressful career to a better way of being.

The insights Nina gave me were life changing. She taught me techniques and different ways to deal with difficult situations when they arise, and how to revisit and heal past, ones that have been holding me back in life.  Thank you, Nina

Susan Hetherington

I highly recommend Nina’s coaching program to anyone who desires the opportunity to take control of their destiny.

My life has changed significantly since starting her coaching program.

I now truly believe that infinite possibilities do exist.

Reading Nina’s book, “Leaving the Matrix,” in combination with her coaching, are a learning experience I will never forget.

I am so grateful to Nina for her dedication and the time she committed to her coaching.

My soul mate entered my life, my health concerns are now a distant memory, and I attracted the perfect buyer for my condo and sold it in just 2 weeks!

My friends consistently comment on how much happier I look. I feel like a new person.

Nina teaches you how to manifest an abundant, happy, and successful life. Her coaching program is The Secret–that teaches you how to manifest the life of your dreams.

Thank you, Nina, for helping me create and manifest my brand new life.


What if you could easily & effortlessly manifest what you truly want in life?


Finding a job that you are passionate about.

Finally attracting the partner of your dreams… even when you feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack.


These are examples of what my clients have manifested, once they stepped into their full Manifesting Power…

… And now YOU can too!



NOW is this time for you to achieve your highest potential in a world

where infinite possibilities really do exist!

My Passion is to Guide & Support You As You Start Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

This is Your Time to Claim Your Power & Transform Your Life!


This book has the practices and exercises that I used to manifest Money, prizes, and my dream job in the film industry.

Now I am sharing everything with you.


Ready To Achieve Your Highest Potential & Create Your Ideal Life?

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A “KNOWING” That You Were Meant To Do Something Greater With Your Life…


If you have been looking for answers, you found your way to this page for a very important REASON.

You already know that there is a greater meaning to life, and it is waiting for you to discover it.

  • Do You Want More Inner Peace, Joy, And A Sense of Fulfillment in Life?
  • Have you read lots of self-help books and tried positive thinking methods, but you still haven’t found the root cause of why you haven’t been able to manifest the level  of success that you envisioned for yourself?


My tested and proven method teaches you how to step back into your power and manifest your Big Goals.



You are Divine– you are of made of the SAME Star Dust and Creative Energy as the Universe.

Once you embrace your Divine power, you’ll easily and effortlessly manifest what you want, without wondering if you did everything right, or if it will ever show up at all.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience and, one day, we awaken to who we really are and the real purpose of life:

To live a life filled with joy, abundance, fulfillment, and meaning.


I am here to tell you that you can start changing your destiny right now, just by taking action towards your goal, believing that you are already equipped with everything it takes to manifest everything you want, and trusting that a higher power is working in your favor.

Are You Struggling to Achieve Your Highest Potential?

I will help you remove the blocks that have stopped you from achieving your highest potential so you can step into your power and live the life that you desire, and deserve.

This Is the Time to Transform Your Limiting Beliefs Into an Empowered Mindset;
One That Will Help You Radically Change Your Destiny.

Why Other Programs You Tried in The Past Didn’t Work

You may have set your intention, recited affirmations, created vision boards, and visualized your ideal life, only to be disappointed.

The real reason that the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you is because your subconscious mind really didn’t believe it could happen.  As a result, you weren’t vibrationally aligned with your Goal.

Once you learn how live in sync with these Universal Laws  and how to consciously co-create with the Universe, you become limitless!


The secret to the Law of Attraction is tuning into your deepest Desires.

To manifest what you truly desire in life, you must be in complete alignment with your heart and your mind. When you tune into your heart-space and focus on your most authentic intention, you will easily manifest abundance, joy and happiness into your life.

You deserve to have it ALL!


It is time to release any past frustrations, limiting beliefs, and thoughts that you are holding onto, and to quiet the voice telling you that you do not have what it takes to succeed.  Once you heal the source of what is keeping you stuck, you can finally step into your most powerful, joyful, inspired self and live the life of your dreams.

Your greatest power lies in the Now!

That is where you can harness your divine power and begin to create your reality. Your empowering beliefs, strong intentions, and burning desire are the keys to transforming a life of struggle to one filled with passion, purpose and abundance!


I Will Help You Realize Your Unlimited Potential & Remember Who You Really Are.


Nina Heikkila  xxx

Your Intuitive Spiritual Success & Abundance Coach

Ready To Achieve Your Highest Potential & Create Your Ideal Life?

Click Here to Schedule Your Free 45 minute Discovery Session Call Now